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Private investigations are not only applicable to criminal cases. When you need crucial pieces of information about someone’s background (say, that of a person of interest in an ongoing case) that cannot be easily accessed through public records, you can seek the services of a private investigator. Investigating a business on a deeper level, wanting to know the whereabouts of a particular person, or trying to track down and gain proof of the extramarital affairs of your life partner, are some other things that can prod you to hire a private detective. Valour Investigations and Protection LLC is a private investigation agency in Moore, OK that provides comprehensive investigative expertise to those in both private and public sectors. If you want to uncover confidential information in a safe and legal way, we are an ideal choice for you today.


True. Knowledge is power. There are questions and sensitive information you want to dig deeper, but you have insufficient knowledge and limited sources. You yearn for more information, but you know that your sheer curiosity will only drive you to go down a rabbit hole. Choose a reliable service instead. Make an informed decision today by hiring a private investigator. We have detectives who are the right fit for the job. They are trained and educated in investigation techniques. We also have a database that is not readily available to the general public. Merely stalking online and searching on Google cannot compare to our state-of-the-art database. We also work with reliable people like attorneys and uniformed officials if ever we are investigating a lead on a criminal case.


We have a full range of private investigation services. We cater to a number of situations that require more than an ordinary source of information. We have a team of experts who undertake in investigating cases like fraudulent business practices, sexual harassment, employee misconduct, and more.

Don’t let yourself be left out of the loop. All you need to do is hire a private investigator from Valour Investigations and Protection LLC, in Moore, OK. Dial (405) 233-0103 and you can rest easy that you no longer need to wait around to have the crucial information you need!