Detective Services

Private Investigation by a Reliable Detective Service Provider in Moore, OK, 73160!

Is it your first time researching about a detective service in Moore, OK? Do you want to conduct a private investigation to identify if your spouse is cheating on you? Or maybe you want to locate a relative you lost touch with many years ago? Valour Investigations and Protection LLC is the professional firm you should consider when you need to track down a piece of important information or a person.

Why conduct a private investigation?

You could be looking into a reliable detective service for many reasons. What are the benefits of considering a professional investigator? Are you interested in the surveillance of a person, their actions, and behavior? If so, there is probably a reason for you not trusting them. But sometimes, even if we’re in close contact with that person, we might not be able to collect any information or proof on our own. This is when you call Valour Investigations and Protection LLC.

Personal and business help

Whether you want to catch infidelity or you want to conduct a background search of an individual, we’re here to help you. We also provide pre-employment screening and can help you on a worker’s compensation claim when you are suspecting fraud. The possibilities are endless. Our help is guaranteed.

Why choose us?

With over 40 years of experience in Moore, OK and multiple high-profile investigations, we are the fully licensed, insured and bonded company to hire for your case. What you can expect from our detective service is complete confidentiality. Hiring any of our investigators guarantees you a powerful ally. With backgrounds rooted in military and law enforcement, our detectives know how to conduct a thorough investigation in the most professional way.

You can talk to us about your case by calling (405) 233-0103 and getting the help of one of our detectives today!