Criminal Investigator

Criminal Investigator in Moore, OK, 73160

Valour Investigations and Protection LLC is known for being a reliable criminal investigator in Moore, OK. However, we don’t just offer professional investigation solutions — we specialize in process serving as well! If you need assistance with serving important papers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

When Do You Need a Process Server?

A lot of people aren’t familiar with process serving and don’t really know when they need this service. However, it’s actually not that complicated; if you find yourself in the following situations, you’ll definitely want to hire a process server:

  • You need to serve papers to people who are hard to find — Some people do their best to avoid getting served papers, while others simply live in hard-to-reach areas or don’t have a permanent address. Either way, hiring a process server is the right step to take since they’ll take care of tracking the person and ensuring your papers are properly served.

  • A process server license is required in your state —  In some states, a person should have a process server license before they can legally start serving papers. This means that, even if the defendant in your case lives just across the street from you, you cannot legally serve them papers on your own if you don’t have a valid and current license. Hiring a licensed process server is your only option in this situations.

  • You aren’t familiar with process serving laws —Many states have rules and regulations on how and when legal documents must be served. If your documents are improperly served, it can lead to delays and complications and even to the dismissal of your case. A process server will prevent these from happening by ensuring that your papers are served according to law.

If you find yourself in one or more of these situations, you’ll want to hire a professional criminal investigator and process server like Valour Investigations and Protection LLC. Call us now at (405) 233-0103 to take advantage of our solutions in Moore, OK!